welcome to Ruby, new pug puppy!

Yes, that’s right… Merry got a new sister! She’s not sure how she feels about it yet – blind pug + excited pug puppy means we have a ways to go before the two are snuggling together – but we are sure that in time they’ll come to love each other as much as we love them both.

Merry’s new little sister is named Ruby, and she’s two months and two days old. Which means tiny and cute and pees constantly. And despite all the crazy she’s about to bring into our lives, we’re excited to welcome her into the family.

merry christmas 2013!

December 27th, 2013 Permalink

merry christmas pug 2013

It’s a little later than usual, but Merry would like me to wish each of you a Merry Christmas. Hope yours was safe, fun and filled with love, toys and lots of cuddles. I hope to get a few more holiday shots of the puglet later this weekend to share, but for now: see her previous Christmas pug photos.

curled up in black & white

November 23rd, 2013 Permalink

pug sleeping on bed

I love when she sleeps all curled up. It’s incredibly adorable. Little peanut.

pug on dock

Back in September, Merry accompanied her Daddy and I up to our favourite cottage for a week of relaxation and fresh air. There was lots of cuddling, lots of walks, and she had a blast. So did we. (Can I spend a month up there sometime? Please??)

I can’t believe I missed Halloween photos with the princess this year, but there will be Christmas photos to make up for it. In between, I hope to finish processing some of the other shots we’ve taken of her furry sweetness this fall. ;)


This face, this face, I tell you, this face. Right beside me every time I eat. Looking (well, you know what I mean) at me with hope and wonder and near frantic levels of “OH-my-gosh-howcanyoueatallmyfood-andnotgivemeany”. This pug is the best little food beggar I have ever seen, even though she only gets little nips from the table a few times a week – a tiny crust of bread, a bean or a strawberry. But she reminds me of the right way to live – always hopeful for the next time, never dejected by her lack of success the last time.


My company gives us the option in the summertime of working an extra 3.5 hours during the week and then taking off at 1pm on Fridays. It’s not really time off, but it is a lovely way to ensure that you get a little extra weekend in the summer. Yesterday, I spent my extra time by coming home and cuddling with this wee lass. We so rarely get daytime time together any more, with me out working, that this always feels like a special treat. She got extra treats, extra cuddles and a photo shoot with her mom. I got to be covered in pug hair, and warm cuddly princess. I think we both won. ;)

still fabulous

June 16th, 2013 Permalink


The princess is still just as fabulous as ever, despite the crazy year she’s had. She still enjoys rocking the pink look, still begs for treats quite prettily, and still enjoys long walks with mom, dad, and/or “sister” (my stepdaughter). She loves all the birthday wishes you’ve shared here and on Facebook – thank you!


As I mentioned, my parents came by this weekend and we had a nice birthday celebration for le pug.

Oh, Merry, you crazy pug. I cannot believe that you are a whopping twelve years old. How is this possible? It was just yesterday we were celebrating your first birthday at the beach, flirting (well, you were flirting, at least) with everyone on the looong streetcar ride on the way there and playing with what would be the first of many, many Holy Roller balls. :)

As you can see, the pug was very ready for her special birthday dinner – the only night of the year she gets 0% kibble and 100% real, tasty food – just like the grownups are eating. I think she could have done without the birthday hat, but that’s just not how we do things around here, princess.


As always, Merry attacked the food with gusto.


This year, the pug dined on roast chicken, asparagus, tomatoes and grated cheddar.


It didn’t last long. She made sure to clean up every last little crumb. Good girl, Merry.


Of course, the moment the food was gone, she was looking to Hubby for the next course. Maybe she’s smart enough to know her birthday “cake” was to come, but honestly she gives us this same look after every treat, every meal, every occasional nibble from the table. So yeah. Probably just the usual.


Her “cake” this year was half an organic blueberry muffin with a schmear of mascarpone on top. She made sure she licked every inch of cheese off the top before swallowing the muffin in about three bites. Ha!

And as always…


She gave me a look right afterwards that asked me where the rest was. Good thing I have nerves of steel or the pug would weigh thirty pounds! :)

Happy birthday baby girl. Here’s to twenty more years together. Oh yes. You’re a magical pug, and I know you’ll make it happen.

Birthday celebrations are a regular thing ’round these here parts. If you’re not familiar with it, check out past years of Merry birthdays.

lumpy girl

June 2nd, 2013 Permalink


Based on the comments and emails we’ve been receiving, everyone has been expecting the worst. And it was a pretty bad 2013 so far for the princess. But she’s still with us, still adorable, still waving hello to all of you.

Over the Christmas break, we found a lump. It was mast cell. It was removed as well as some bumps under her chin, which turned out to be benign. Then, three weeks after that surgery, we found another lump. They couldn’t tell if it was mast cell or not and advised us to remove. So within five weeks, the little princess went through two surgeries.

Several weeks later, we found more lumps. More tests. These were benign, thank goodness.

Then a few weeks later she developed a UTI. While taking her in for that, we also vaccinated her. On the way home she collapsed in reaction to the vaccines, so we had a harrowing night at the vet with her on IVs.

All the while, we were also driving up to a nearby city several times a week to visit my husband’s dad, who was hospitalized for more than three months.

Less than a week after that, Merry got to spend nearly two weeks with her Aunt Rebecca and little “cousin” (not really) Lola while Merry’s Dad, sister and I took a hard-earned and badly needed vacation to Paris, France.

On arrival home, the peanut had developed god-help-me another lump, which meant another round of yummy tests. Thank goodness, this too came back benign.

But it’s been a stressful year so far to say the least. What a way to work up to a twelfth birthday, Merry my love! (She turns 12 this Thursday, and is having a BIG birthday celebration next weekend with friends & family.)

Thank you to EVERYONE who inquired about Merry, and to everyone who stopped by lately to see if the niblet is okay. Yes, she is – though she’s given us all heart attacks! :)

And to whatever force has turned my little girl into a lumpy wonder and hospitalized my father in law: thank you for your visits. However, please visit your cancer crap somewhere else, if you don’t mind. Like Mars, maybe. Appreciate it.

pug: got treats?

January 19th, 2013 Permalink

pug: got treats?

Pug, you seem to be under the impression that all the chopping I’m doing is for you. Actually, there are three other people in this house that need food, you know?

We’re allowed to eat too.

All food is not for you.


Here. Want some carrot?