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can i have that?

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When you have a pug you quickly learn that ALL foods, ALL drinks, are owned by the pug, and she just allows you to borrow them. Sometimes. And other times, she wants what’s rightfully hers. :)

Isn’t this look hysterical? No wonder I laugh every day.


Merry has a very cute, very squeaky ‘gator toy. It amuses me to stage staredowns between them. Of course, that’s usually followed by a very noisy, very squeak-filled play session!


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Because it’s a gorgeous sunny Friday and everyone needs a big smile for the weekend, don’t they? I know I do! Have a good weekend, folks.

crazy pug

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So we’re sitting at dinner last night, and the puglet was especially needy, putting her little paws on our legs and looking plaintively at us as though to remind us that we haven’t fed her in three years, and could we please rectify that.

My darling fiance pulled the pug up onto his lap, sitting her bottom on his leg and putting her front paws on the table – this is how she usually “sits” with us. But then I pulled out a treat or two, and she kept trying to climb onto the table.

I told the little dog to SIT and then she would get a treat. So somehow, instead of sinking back down onto my fiance’s lap, she climbed backwards and UP with her legs, to sit her butt on his chest. We were laughing so hard tears were coming from my eyes! Luckily I had my camera at the table already, so I managed to grab a shot of ths crazy pug sitting on her Dad’s chest.

Little goofball. Thank you for making me laugh every day.

Meanwhile, Merry’s Grandpa had surgery (successful) today. She’s wishing him a BIG get well soon and sends pug licks and snuffles.


When Merry runs over the ball accidentally or we manage to roll it under her body, she gets very offended by this tricksy move. She plants feet and howls. Every time. It’s hysterical and guaranteed to give my fiance and I the giggles. Silly pug.

See it larger on Flickr.


When it comes to photography, there seems to be two schools of thought:

  1. Never mess with the picture. Reality is sacrosanct and thou shall not mess with it.
  2. Photography is art. As long as you’re not misreporting “facts” with your pictures (i.e. photojournalism needs to follow #1 above), you’re allowed to make art however you like.

I tend to fall somewhere in between. While I’m not a big fan of over the top Photoshop trickery (possibly NSFW – features a lady in lingerie, but it’s the best example of over-the-top PShop trickery I’ve ever seen), I’ve been known to sketch out stray dog hairs, smooth and even skin tones, whiten teeth or generally just pretty things up a little in some of my photos. I always try to stay true to the idea of the person or pooch standing in front of me, if perhaps turning my photos into a slightly idealized version.

But once in a while I like to play with more advanced techniques because let’s face it: half of my job, nay half of my life is spent as a marketer. I’ll tell you this – no person is more susceptible to marketing messages than a marketer (that’s how we know what works) and I just love the style of some of the photographic ads running these days, with their desaturated, contrasty goodness.

Soooo… I decided to play a little bit with this photo of Merry taken this morning, and I love the results. I may be playing with this style a little more – it’s not for every photo, certainly, but what’s wrong with creating a little art between friends?

If you like today’s photo, or have comments about this topic in general, I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)

sleepy monday

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It’s been so insanely and crazily busy around here for the past month, but especially this past week, that Merry and I have BOTH been fighting the sleepies all day, even though it’s lovely and sunny outside.

When a pug is yawning at you every five seconds, how on earth do you stop yourself from responding in kind? Go on, take a close look at the photo and TELL me you’re not fighting the urge to yawn. :)

Love this photo, or just want to make your coworkers sleepy? Today’s photo is this week’s DoggyDesktop (our ongoing weekly posting of free, deliciously doggy wallpapers for download): you can download it here.


Merry was styling today on her walk in her new Wooflink pantsuit (I cannot believe how cute the ruffled “pants” are). Her wardrobe is legendary in the neighborhood, and our neighbors regularly come out to see what the princess is wearing today. :)

Like the outfit? Buy it, read the review.